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The Art of Shaving with a Straight Razor

The Art of Shaving

The art of shaving has been around since ancient times, and a straight razor is one of the oldest barbering tools used to provide a clean shave. To this day, barbers use this method as it creates the closest, most precise shave possible. But what is a straight razor, and how is it used? Let’s […]

Why women should consider hawaii institute of hair design’s barber hairstyling program


ARE YOU A WOMAN INTERESTED IN PURSUING A CAREER IN HAIR DESIGN? Have you considered attending Hawaii Institute of Hair Design’s Barber Hairstyling Program? Despite the name, our program teaches everything above the shoulders and includes extensive training in women’s hair design. In fact, we have noticed an increase in inquiries from women interested in […]

Get Professional Hair Services at Hawaii Institute of Hair Design

Looking for the perfect salon to get a new haircut can be overwhelming. With so many options, it’s easy to feel lost in the world of hair services. Whether you’re looking for a new style or just need a trim, Hawaii Institute of Hair Design is the perfect place to get the hairstyle you’re looking […]