Getting Started in Hair Styling

August 14, 2023

If you are interested in getting started in the hair styling industry, you have come to the right place. Becoming a successful hair stylist requires an understanding of both the creative and business aspects of the job. This article provides a comprehensive overview of how to get into hair styling, from understanding your options and setting up your salon to choosing the right tools and honing your craft. Read on to learn all that you need to know about becoming a successful hair stylist.

Choose Your Specialty
The first step for any aspiring hair stylist is to choose which specialty they want to pursue. Hair styling covers a wide range of disciplines, from cutting and coloring hair to styling updos and blowouts. Each specialty requires its own set of skills, so it’s important that you determine which area you would like to specialize in before diving in headfirst.
Get Educated
Once you’ve chosen your specialty, it’s time to get educated! Attending barber school or cosmetology school can provide invaluable hands-on training that will help prepare you for success in the field. Barber schools provide courses on haircutting techniques as well as safety protocols while cosmetology schools teach students more advanced concepts such as color theory and chemical services.
Invite Clients
The most important part of becoming a successful hair stylist is building your clientele. Start by asking family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers—anyone who might need a haircut—to be your first customers. Word-of-mouth advertising is also key; make sure that everyone who comes into contact with satisfied clients spreads the word about your services! Take advantage of social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook and use them to showcase your best work and connect with potential clients. Finally, don’t forget about traditional marketing; consider placing ads in local newspapers or handing out flyers around town for maximum exposure!
Choose Your Tools Carefully
Hair styling involves many different tools and products; it is important that you select only quality items that will last through repeated use without wearing out quickly or causing damage to delicate strands. Investing in top-notch scissors is essential; look for ones made from durable stainless steel with ergonomic handles for maximum comfort during long sessions at the salon chair. Quality combs should also be purchased; look for those made from plastic or metal instead of wood since they are less likely to snag strands while combing through wet or dry locks. Finally, don’t forget about other products such as hairsprays, gels, creams, waxes, pomades—the list goes on! Choose wisely based on what type of style each client wants and make sure these products are safe for use on their specific type of hair (i.e., curly vs straight).
All great hairstylists start somewhere; if you are looking to enter this exciting profession then now is the time! Make sure you understand which area appeals most to you (cutting vs coloring vs styling) then get educated with formal training before investing in quality products and inviting clients over so they can experience firsthand what makes your salon special! With hard work, dedication and passion for creating beautiful hairstyles—you too can become a masterful hairdresser!


Get Started in Hair Styling!